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Solid FINTEK Indonesia

In Indonesia, there is a need for cash funds from the community to cover urgent needs, including extra fees for their children's school tuition. We found that the community's need for small amounts of cash could not be fulfilled by the existing lending institutions.

According to the KPMG Microfinance Study of 2014, Indonesia has a large microloan market. There are 105 million Indonesians with income of around sixty thousand rupiahs er day that requires access to microloan unreachable banks & finansial institutions.

Solid Finansial Indonesia is an online microloan service provider in Indonesia. We strive to provide online financing, anywhere, anytime as an alternative to conventional bank lending or other financing companies.

Our services are very simple, transparent and flexible. Established in 2019, the company has been registered and under the supervision of the Otoritas Jasa Keunangan (OJK) of Indonesia.

Solid Finansial Indonesia is committed to always paying attention to consumer protection by upholding integrity and compliance with legal provisions in Indonesia. Together with OJK, we continue to provide the best financial solution to our customers and their growing need.

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